Façade Engineering

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We provide independent technical advice at each key phase of the facade design and procurement.
Professional façade engineering consultancy services offered:

  • To Architects

We support the design objectives from early schematic stage, offering independent advice on material and system selection, and working to ensure technical feasibility of the aesthetic concept within the budget. We offer an integrated approach to building envelopes based on thermal performance, acoustic compliance and structural soundness, brought together into well proportioned elements, clean lines and fine detailing that contribute to the architectural quality of the completed project. Our work is coordinated with all related disciplines to integrate external lighting, building maintenance, signage, etc into the design. We support the design objective from early schematic stage to ensure technical feasibility of the aesthetic concept within the budget. Structurally sound and aesthetically aware support structure,concealed fixing details, well proportioned elements contribute to perceived architectural quality of the completed project. Independent advice on material selection and system design. Integrated approach to building envelopes based on thermal performance, acoustics. Coordination with related disciplines to integrate external lighting, building maintenance, signage, etc into the design. Technical support during construction stages.

  • To Developers

A good quality end product on optimum investment is achieved by working alongside the architect and producing fully comprehensive tender documentation by the end of design stage, which allows for accurate pricing and apple-to-apple comparison. We offer independent professional assessment of tenders, claims, site works, and witness testing, to ensure the end product is delivered as per best specification. We carry out value engineering and third party design reviews, forensic assessments, building pathology.

  • To Main Contractors

Design & build projects, fast track developments are best procured based on a suitable
performance specification and progressed with the input of a professional team. Shorter
assignments may include re-documentation following design changes, advice on special structures, QA/QC inspections, handover inspection.

  • To Façade Contractors

Assistance with tender submissions via pragmatic detailing for base bid pricing and finding cost efficient alternatives. Specification review services. In post contract stage, we can assist with full engineering submissions and system concept.

  • To Project Managers

Third party design reviews, tender assessments, contractor pre-qualifications, scope interface coordination assistance, technical risk assessment, scope completion verifications.

BMU Consultancy

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Successfully designed façades are not only built to last decades but also integrate well with Façade Maintenance and Cleaning Access systems. We believe money should be spent where it brings real value and not all developers aim to have the “most complicated ever” roof Building Maintenance Units (BMU). Many times it is just a slight change of the geometry or the features that enables the use of a simpler access method. These can be accommodated if highlighted before architectural design is frozen. Our façade consultants and specialist BMU consultants work out the cleaning
strategy relatively early and stay in constant coordination with relevant disciplines to ensure our or their design considers all aspects. BMU design is much more product centered than façade cladding design, hence we maintain a list of available suppliers and our system selection advice is based on existing capability.
We offer BMU Consultancy services optional to all projects where we provide Façade Engineering Consultancy.
Scope includes cleaning strategy, advice on cleaning cycles, layout plans and clearance
coordination, slab loading coordination, specifications, verification of accessed areas, tendering, tender technical assessment, submittal reviews, site inspections.

Specialist Steelwork Engineering

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Robust and complex glazed steelwork structures, such as airport terminals, large skylights, multistory atrium walls, projecting features, large canopies have to be engineered with extra care: the larger spans mean larger movements, while brittle cladding demands stiffer backing and aesthetics dictate minimal obstruction of view. We skillfully design steelwork with an understanding of glass behavior and an understanding of architecture.


Architectural Façade Documentation

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On several projects we provide certain stages of architectural documentation via in-house and collaborative architects. These may include parametric analysis and geometry set-out of complex 3D facades, revised elevation drawings, documentation following design change, as-built documentation, or concept options of different new façade alternatives.