We provide independent specialist consultancy, including some or all of the below tasks, as determined by the project needs:

Design Phase / Pre-Contract

• Advice on material selection
• Independent system selection
• Design development
• Design optimization
• Preliminary engineering
• Interface and integrity coordination
• Detailing
• Third party peer reviews
• Specifications

Tendering Stage

• Tendering
• Tender technical assessment
• Contractor pre-qualifications
• Value engineering

Construction Phase / Post-Contract

• System engineering
• Submission reviews
• Test witnessing, laboratory and field tests
• Factory production inspections
• Site installation inspections
• Final handover inspections

Post-Completion Phase

• Failure investigation
• Rectification method reports
• Façade performance improvement implementation reports

Building Materials

Façade consultancy is an integrated approach to the entire building envelope, including commonly used and new cladding materials and their interfaces, such as:
• Glazed curtain walling, glass features, glass skylights
• Metal cladding, metal roofing
• Natural stone
• Pre-cast concrete
• Glass reinforced concrete
• Suitable plastics wall claddings
• Perforated metal screens or meshes
• Green walls and roofing

Systems in Scope

As independent façade specialists, we select the system most suitable for a given project, depending on building geometry, function, end product quality expectations, programme, etc. With large enough projects, such as high-rise buildings, the quantity justifies and requires fully custom designed system solutions. For lesser quantities, we assist with product selection and application of existing systems. Thanks to a broad spread of project experience within our multinational team, we have in-house knowledge on a large range of possible solutions. Glazed enclosure system choices include:

• Unitized curtain walling
• Semi-unitized systems
• Stick system curtain walling
• Window systems
• Glazed skylights
• Glass floors
• Structural applications of glass: beams, fins, shelves
• Point fixed glazing
• Curved glazing
• Cold bent systems
• Architectural steelwork support
• Tensioned cable support
• Freestanding glass balustrades


Facades services are offered through all sectors. We work with partner firms specialized in the following sectors with whom we frequently offer multidisciplinary services:

• Health Care
• Hospitality
• Retail
• Commercial
• Residential
• Resorts
• Education
• Sports and leisure
• Art and museums
• Airports
• Mixed use large scale