Fountain Views

This mega development consist of a large, 12 story retail podium that forms an extension to the famous Dubai Mall, connected to it via link bridges over the road. There are 4 residential and luxury hotel high-rise towers from 40F to 80F height located on top of the podium structure. The development is designed by 3 different architects and the facade works are contracted to 5 different contractors (this far! we still have some packages under tender). Koltay Facades is looking after the whole development including all external facade areas of the podium and four towers, for facade engineering and BMU strategy consultancy, from schematic stage to handover.

Developer: Emaar
Architect: DPA Singapore, Atkins, Dewan
KF Team: April Soh, Chris Houghton, Agnes Koltay, Andrey Pavlov, Manuel Mardegan, Brad Frey and many more

Fountain Views


Dubai, UAE