Facade system strategy integrated to architectural design process


"A clear specification can cut claims and disputes" (Main Contractor, Abu Dhabi)


Optimum system selection is the key


Thanks to the expert assistance, a better quality facade was built


Facade system strategy integrated to architectural design process


Pushing the limits of today's technology


Factory and site QA/QC services


Koltay Façades

Koltay Façades provides Façade Engineering Consultancy services related to the external building envelope. As a specialized engineering firm, our focus is:

  • High quality delivery
  • Technical know-how
  • Understanding of the architecture and design intent
  • The best interest of the project
  • Efficiently and directly addressing Client needs.

Our team combines façades experts with architectural, structural engineering and contracting background, to address performance specification, detailing and structural adequacy in steel, aluminium and glass engineering as well as cost efficiency and easy buildability.Koltay Façades was established in the UAE in 2011, by Agnes Koltay, a façade specialist with 15 years of experience, 6 of which within the UAE.

Some of the following projects have been designed and engineered by other companies where Agnes worked at the time, as noted at each project :